ANTHEUS s.r.l. is a spin-off company of the University of Salento involving researchers experienced in the field of marine sciences.

ANTHEUS s.r.l. sustains the cooperation among university, industries and public institutions in order to enhance the spread of benefits deriving from applied research in marine science to local, national and international contexts.

ANTHEUS s.r.l. shares the scientific expertise matured from the academic research, providing scientific know-how in the field of marine biology and ecology to public and private institutions.

Our company supplies informative and operative support to all subjects involved in the study, conservation and management of marine environment, through specialized services.

Our company is regularly involved in national and international projects including monitoring, experimental research, impact assessment, educational activities, scientific consulting and training courses.

University of Salento - University E-Campus Bari (Italy) - Viale Caduti di Nassiriya n. 55 – CAP 70124
tel +39 0809757950 - fax +39 0809190588 - P.IVA 04045770759